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Road Test

We now offer a State approved Road and Parallel Parking Test for your Graduated License. Our Road Test is administered in Sun City Arizona and takes advantage of its wide streets and slow local drivers.

An examiner will ride with you in your vehicle and give you directions to follow. You will be observed and graded on specific actions and on your general ability to operate the vehicle safely.

Our Road/Parking tests are administered Monday through Friday from 9am to 4:30pm and on Saturday from 9am to 4pm.

The cost for our parallel parking test is $20

The cost for our road test is $25


Before you take the Road Test

1.Your vehicle, including all of the following, must be in good working condition.

  • Working brakes and every brake light operates properly
  • Speedometer 
  • Working mechanical turn signals
  • Seat belts, if model year 1972 or newer
  • Tires
  • Doors (front driver and passenger) operate properly
  • Window front driver and passenger) operate properly
  • Windshield (when originally equipped with a windshield) intact and offers unobstructed view
  • Working factory horn
  • Left outside rear view mirror

Note: Any additional conditions determined to be unsafe may also be cause for rejection of the vehicle for use on the road test.

2. You must have proof of current registration, plates (valid year tabs) and insurance.

  • 30-Day General Use Permit, 90-Day Resident Registration, or Temporary Registration Permit (TRP) are sufficient evidence of current registration.

3. Before you can take the road test, you will have to show that you understand the meaning of Arizonas traffic signs. You will also have to demonstrate that you can understand English-language instructions, including these:

  • Stop
  • Slow down
  • Drive straight ahead
  • Change lanes left/right
  • Turn left/right at next street, corner, stop sign, traffic light
  • Does your speedometer work?
  • Fasten seat belt
  • Turn on your left/right turn signal
  • Honk the horn