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Arizona Title Transfer

Vehicle Title TransfersQuick Stop Title and Registration offers our customers quick over the counter transfer of ownership including everything you would need to be in compliant with Arizona State law.


Transferring a Title and Registration

Arizona state law requires that you must put the vehicle in your name within 15 days of the purchase date. A penalty fee will apply after the 15 days.

To transfer a title and registration in Arizona you must have the following items:

  • A signed and notarized vehicle title
  • A lien release, if applicable
  • All applicable title and registration fees
  • Any other documents that apply (e.g, original or certified copy of power of attorney, personal representative papers, etc.)

If there is a lien on the vehicle that has not been paid off, written permission from the lienholder/lender will be required to add or delete a name.

 Visit our Arizona registration page for more information. If you have an out of state title, please see our out of state title transfer page.

Arizona Legal Status on a title with multiple owners

On an Arizona title that has multiple owners, the names are seperated by what is called a Legal Status that determines which signatures will be required when selling the vehicle or other actions against the vehicle. There are 3 options to choose from:

  1. "OR" - Either party can sign at anytime without the other being present in order to receive a duplicate title, transfer ownership or sell
  2. "AND" - Both parties will need to be present when doing title transactions or will both need to be present in order to sign off the vehicle to transfer ownership or sell with no rights to survivorship (upon death of one of the owners, vehicle will need to either go through probate or a non-probate application will need to be submitted)
  3. "AND/OR" - Same rules as for the "AND" legal status but with rights to survivorship (death certificate is equivilant to a signature, no probate action would be needed)

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